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There is a land known as Etainia. It is made up of different countries, unlike any place that has ever existed. In between great rivers, seashores, and lakes, which are miles and miles apart, are cities, towns and villages.

  • Within these lands are unusual events waiting to happen and mysteries yet to unfold. 
  • Within these lands are mystical creatures living in hidden and undiscovered places.
  • Within these lands are seasons with magical days and nights, where Time and Colors speak.

One of the lands in Etainia is called Cordaya Valley. It is there, where five tiny tree seedlings are born. Each seedling will have challenges to face, incredible obstacles to overcome and encounters of strange yet awesome adventures - adventures that will uncover and reveal many hidden truths.

Book One in "The Trees of Etainia" Trilogy starts out by introducing you to a courageous family of tree seedlings. They will take you on a journey that you will never forget. They will take you on a journey into a world - where Trees live and Trees rule.


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Book II "Soil"

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