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Tiny Seedlings - Book One

$ 12.99 USD


Book I, from "The Trees of Etainia" Trilogy, "Tiny Seedlings" starts you out with five young tree seedlings who have lost their way and have been split up. Trying to find their way back home and to each other, they encounter mystical creatures and amazing lands - all the while...seeking their identies and purpose in life. 

Etainia: a land where trees live and trees rule. 

Soil - Book II

$ 15.95 USD


"SOIL" Book II of "The Trees of Etainia" Trilogy, takes the reader on even more intriguing adventures.  Get your copy now!

Book III "The Ancients" - a work in progress-projected Christmas 2022. 

Taking time for yourself is something only YOU can do.  Quotes by june (c)