"It's not just the size of this tree that makes it so spectacular, although it certainly is huge and breathtaking. It is the Wisdom that this tree carries that makes it so special."(Tiny Seedlings...their journey (c) 2009 p.154)

 As a child, we often look at the people who dress well, are attractive and make good money as successful.  We usually don't explore the inner workings of people...we just mainly focus on what is on the outside.  But then, when a form of adulthood arrives (or we stumble into it) we realize there is more to a 'book' so to speak, than it's cover.  Point being...what is the value of material possessions, position and money if we don't have the wisdom on how to use them?  How many times have we seen people win or inherit wealth and then watch them squander it away because of the lack of wisdom? 

Today in this 'instant' and 'fast paced' society, people often react quickly without taking the time to ponder and evaluate certain situations - therefore making decisions that have lasting negative effects.  Although the pressures around you may be pushing and pulling you - be sure to seek out someone who has wisdom to help you along the way. Learn from other truly internally successful people. Ask them how they attained wisdom and seek it out for youself...so one day when another comes into your life seeking wisdom...you'll be able to give it.