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A Fresh Start

Posted by June on Tuesday, January 15, 2013, In : Success 

"Sunny Florida Day" by June (c) 2008

    Do you realize every moment of the day gives you a brand new opportunity to begin 'anew'?  It all begins in your thought life..then comes an action...then the results manifest. For example; perhaps you might want to pursue a new career.  There's the thought ~ then you research the area you want to go into = the action.  Of course the action continues as you refine and express your goals and dreams.  Perhaps you write your ideas on paper or record them...

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Moments in Time

Posted by June from "Going Back Means Going Forward" (c) 1995 p. 48 on Wednesday, August 1, 2012, In : Treasure Time 
"Moments are sections of Time. Although you may have suffered many setbacks throughout your lifetime, learn to treasure what you have learned.  Hidden in many obstacles are opportunities. No matter what happened in the past...you can still dream today. Today is new.  The world is full of possibilities if you will let your imagination soar. Don't let yourself be dragged down by fear or a negative self-image. Dare to dream today and then step out to make those dreams come true!"
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Keeping Focused

Posted by June on Wednesday, February 1, 2012, In : Focus 
Everything around us in this 2012 season of Time, is working hard to pull us away from our focuses.  What is your focus?  What do you want to accomplish this year, this month or even this day?  Are you overloading on social media, the news and what is going on in 'other' people's lives?  In order to reach and attain your goals...it will be necessary to eliminate some distractions that take up your valuable time.  Ask yourself today, "What is pulling me away from my dreams, my goals - my accom...
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 "An afternoon in Hot Springs, Arkansas"

Banner Photo (c) 2011 Jasper Stone Inc.

The Author

"Essays in school were my favorite test questions. Little did I know that one day I would be writing poems, self-help books and now a fantasy trilogy. Sometimes if we just take a quick look back in time, we'll find a lost or stolen dream that was so hidden, even we didn't see it."