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A Fresh Start

Posted by June on Tuesday, January 15, 2013, In : Success 

"Sunny Florida Day" by June (c) 2008

    Do you realize every moment of the day gives you a brand new opportunity to begin 'anew'?  It all begins in your thought life..then comes an action...then the results manifest. For example; perhaps you might want to pursue a new career.  There's the thought ~ then you research the area you want to go into = the action.  Of course the action continues as you refine and express your goals and dreams.  Perhaps you write your ideas on paper or record them...

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Posted by June on Tuesday, June 5, 2012, In : Focus 

We all have everyday routines that are necessary to take care of - it's part of life.  Perhaps sometimes the routines seem to be going nowhere.  For example: Working out day after day can seem like a drudgery and the results are not instant.  In this culture of 'instant gratification' people often quit just when the results are about to appear.  A week may go by with little change and then soon, the weight begins to fall off, the body becomes firmer and your step is a bit lighter - less stres...

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 "An afternoon in Hot Springs, Arkansas"

Banner Photo (c) 2011 Jasper Stone Inc.

The Author

"Essays in school were my favorite test questions. Little did I know that one day I would be writing poems, self-help books and now a fantasy trilogy. Sometimes if we just take a quick look back in time, we'll find a lost or stolen dream that was so hidden, even we didn't see it."