Some people think success is when you 'arrive' so to speak and get that promotion, movie, book contract, graduation day, etc.  In some respects, that is true...yet I believe success happens in our everyday life while working toward attaining our goals.  For example; a student is successful everytime he/she passes a test or completes an assignment.  A writer is successful everytime he/she 'sits down to work' and cranks out one more page.  When seeking a promotion in any job - one is successful each time one fills out a new application or if being promoted from within - successful anytime one connects with human resources to see what is available. 

If we see success as only 'when we arrive', we will miss the treasured - good and not so good - moments along the journey.  When I was in college I set many goals, yet I knew it was important to measure my seemingly little successes each day along the way.  Otherwise I would get discouraged thinking of all the years it would take me to finish.  Taking one step at a time and seeing each step as successful is crucial for completing any task or goal.  And, another thing to remember is that in our journey through life, we impact many other lives. This is a form of success that is often overlooked.

Take a moment today to appreciate the little successes you have had along the way and realize that you are successful already. Rethink and pursue some of the goals you may have thought were unattainable.  Take one day at a time...even one moment at a time and before you know it you will be at a new place.  And if you continually see yourself as successful, you will also notice all the treasures you have gained and given along the way.