Hello everyone! Happy New Year to all!  I know it's been a challenging 2022 in many ways...but I tend to look for the good in things and try to maintain my focus on "One day at a time"...of course setting goals and dreams for the future...but learning how to look beyond my circumstance at times and see the good that will come out of it.  I choose better and not bitter...although I admit it's not always easy to do that.  I hope many of you will try and do the same, but I do have much compassion for those who have lost loved ones under dire situations...I too am no stranger to loss.  But when I used to counsel people I would tell them to allow themselves to grieve and cry when necessary, but to move on when it is time.

There's so much I could share but mainly I wanted to encourage you to not give up.  I'm working on Book III and will try to update my post more ofteh.