Sometimes the past continues to pop up in many peoples lives...some good memories and some not so much.  But, this day, this moment is the "NOW" moment in your life.  What we do with the now in our lives is up to us. If the past memories are haunting you or simply occupying too much of your thought life, starting a new project can help. Prayer is always available. Helping others can take your mind off yourself and is an asset to help shift your thoughts.

When I taught a Human Development class in college, I would have my students do my  "Dump the Pain" exercise. I would take a small table top trash can and tell the students to write down some of their worst memories---encouraging them that no one would see their pages. Then I told them to tear up the paper and put the pieces into the little trash can. I would then dump the torn pieces into a larger trash can. Some students would tear up their memories on paper, into incredible tiny pieces. This action truly revealed how deep some of their pain was. I could see the relief on several of their faces as those little pieces of pain on paper were dropped into the can.

Of course there are many ways to address the past so you can move more effectively into your future. You can also simply ignore those memories as they come up...but eventually some of them will begin to affect your physical and emotional health..  

We've all been dealing with a lot of negative things these past 2 years...many losses and pain beyond what one could have ever imagined.  But I believe 'the best is yet to come' and I encourage you to remember you have a future and it's not all bad.  I encourage you to focus on the good things in your life and to not give up.  Something special could be right around the corner.

And if things look and feel too, too dark, there are several people and organizations willing to help you let go of the past and begin a new journey in the "NOW".  They can help you in your "Now" time.  They can help to move with peace and expectation for a good life with good days. I've seen many many people able to get free of their past and move forward with peace.  The same can happen to you.