We all have everyday routines that are necessary to take care of - it's part of life.  Perhaps sometimes the routines seem to be going nowhere.  For example: Working out day after day can seem like a drudgery and the results are not instant.  In this culture of 'instant gratification' people often quit just when the results are about to appear.  A week may go by with little change and then soon, the weight begins to fall off, the body becomes firmer and your step is a bit lighter - less stressful. 

Think about it.  If we didn't do the 'day by day' events, things would begin to collapse.  Not brushing your teeth everyday can cause cavities to form.  Not cleaning the house on a regular basis will open the door to sickness and even bug invasion.  Not going to work everyday would cause a loss of income and that would affect everything.

But, focusing on the results while we're doing the 'daily' routines, will make it easier to do them.  Don't let the everyday routines rob you of your joy.  Everything you do in life affects something or someone else...and that's important.  In the meantime, be sure to take mini one day vacations. Go out and enjoy some different type of activity.  Set up some outdoor/indoor activities to look forward to.  It will help you keep your joy as you do the 'not so fun but necessary' things in life.    En-JOY your day!