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Don't Sweat the Mistakes While Designing

Posted by June on Tuesday, January 10, 2012, In : Articles on Writing 
"    When I taught in the local colleges, I always reminded the students to not get hung up on the mistakes they make while writing or designing something.  Make a correction if you must, but don't interfere with the brainstorming effect.  I have found that if I just continue moving forward with my ideas I end up creating even more than I dreamed possible.  You can always 'edit' written works later.  Sometimes those mistakes will be some of your greatest creations!"...
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Creativity in Art and Words

Posted by June on Friday, January 6, 2012, In : Articles on Writing 

I once had an art teacher tell me;"When you're sitting with a blank sheet of paper in front of you...don't spend too much time thinking about what you are going to draw or create.  Just begin to write down words and more words...whatever comes to your mind - as it relates to the project you're working on."

I was amazed at how many related words I was able to write - soon I was beginning to illustrate pictures to fit the words.  Before I knew it, an idea had formed.  I have used this exercise...

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 "An afternoon in Hot Springs, Arkansas"

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"Essays in school were my favorite test questions. Little did I know that one day I would be writing poems, self-help books and now a fantasy trilogy. Sometimes if we just take a quick look back in time, we'll find a lost or stolen dream that was so hidden, even we didn't see it."