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"The Growing Season"

Posted by June on Thursday, March 24, 2022,
What is a growing season all about?

Well I believe it's a season, any season when circumstances in life have given a new opportunity to grow. It's how we respond to our seasonal challenges that will determine how we grow. These past two years have been extremely challenging in several ways!  Some might say, "I can handle this...I'm standing strong."  Others might say, "I'm overwhelmed."and fall into a fearful depression.  Others might pray and experience supernatural fearlessness and plow forw...
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A Work in Progress- "The Ancients"

Posted by June on Tuesday, March 8, 2022,

Well here we are in 2022 and Book III is not yet published...but it's halfway there.  The Ancients, other trees, animals and characters are anxious to continue their journey as I begin once again to write! It's been a challenging 2-3 years for all of us, but the book writing is back once again.  To all my book (seedling) followers I'm sorry for the delay, but we are on our way.
Book III will be published on it's own, but soon after that I will combine and publish Book I, II and III into one bo...
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Living in the Now

Posted by June on Tuesday, March 8, 2022,

Sometimes the past continues to pop up in many peoples lives...some good memories and some not so much.  But, this day, this moment is the "NOW" moment in your life.  What we do with the now in our lives is up to us. If the past memories are haunting you or simply occupying too much of your thought life, starting a new project can help. Prayer is always available. Helping others can take your mind off yourself and is an asset to help shift your thoughts.

When I taught a Human Development class...

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 "An afternoon in Hot Springs, Arkansas"

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The Author

"Essays in school were my favorite test questions. Little did I know that one day I would be writing poems, self-help books and now a fantasy trilogy. Sometimes if we just take a quick look back in time, we'll find a lost or stolen dream that was so hidden, even we didn't see it."