April.     Springtime! 
Have you ever stood out in a gentle rain while the sun was shining and there was a rainbow in sight?  There is a freshness that is felt and the sound of the rain is comforting...as if everything will be allright.  But, when the heavier storms arise, with their dark forboding clouds and multiple lightening strikes - that same sense of peace is not there. 

Whether it's a gentle rain or a fierce storm, once the rains settle down the buds on the trees are waking up and the flowers begin to unfold to reveal their many colors, inviting the birds and bees to have a feast. The color green is lush in the gardens and fields.  It's a wonderful time of believing in new beginnings.  Yet, it's even more important to have that same sense of wonder and hope for new beginnings inside our souls, regardless of the weather outside.  Our perception from the inside out will determine how we look at things.  So this day, I hope you will focus on the good things in life and continue to hope regardless of the storms that may be going on around you.  And someday - during a gentle rain, you might want to go outside and let it remind you that there are opportunities of 'new beginnings' - all year long and beyond.