"Sunny Florida Day" by June (c) 2008

    Do you realize every moment of the day gives you a brand new opportunity to begin 'anew'?  It all begins in your thought life..then comes an action...then the results manifest. For example; perhaps you might want to pursue a new career.  There's the thought ~ then you research the area you want to go into = the action.  Of course the action continues as you refine and express your goals and dreams.  Perhaps you write your ideas on paper or record them or send yourself a text or email as a reminder.  Then you might ponder and mull over your options.  Soon after - the pursuit begins.  While pursuing you weigh the pros and cons - the possible limitations and the unlimited possibilities.  

    Eventually over time there will be results.  In the process you will discover something about yourself.  You might find out that you have a new appreciation for the career you are in.  On the other hand, you may have discovered a new courage within your character and are going to 'go for the gold'.  Every person has their own moments which are sections of time.  You can let them go by without much thought, or you can take some of those moments and look for a brand new opportunity in your life.  A new career?  A new hobby? A new relationship? A new home?  The list is endless.  

                                                                             What are you waiting for?