What is a growing season all about?

Well I believe it's a season, any season when circumstances in life have given a new opportunity to grow. It's how we respond to our seasonal challenges that will determine how we grow. These past two years have been extremely challenging in several ways!  Some might say, "I can handle this...I'm standing strong."  Others might say, "I'm overwhelmed."and fall into a fearful depression.  Others might pray and experience supernatural fearlessness and plow forward.  Others may simply do nothing.

Regardless of any circumstance...good or not so good...we all have been given a choice within our selves, our souls, our mind, will and emotions.  Things around us might be overwhelming, yet we have been given the ability to take a step back in our thoughts, assess the situation and learn from it.

Life isn't interested in how 'fair' it is being, but life is there...all around us, stirring us to make a decision. Will you remain tormented, depressed, sad or just indifferent?  Or will you look for the silver lining, so to speak. (yes that sounds a little childish)-- but why not be like a child for a moment in our thoughts?  Look for the good. Start a new project, laugh, run...just do something to help you to grow past the season you are in.  It's not forever. New good seasons will emerge. And how about this good news...no one can have your mind (thoughts) unless you give it over!  Your mind is your own.  And where your mind (thoughts go) --- you will follow.  

Let's immerse ourselves in each "growing season of challenges" and conquer and experience growth of mind, peace in our hearts and learn from it.  Let's choose the path that is set before us with anticipation, knowing that one day we will outgrow the season and move forward. Let's not let the season conquer us.  Let's allow ourselves to "grow" through it, not just  "go through it."