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People from all over the world have overcome incredible obstacles and gone on to pave the way for others.  Everyone reading this has unique gifts and talents just waiting to be explored.  Don't let fear of failure keep you from moving forward.  You have only failed if you fail to try.  The people below didn't quit, although I'm sure at many times they wanted to.  Most successful people have made many mistakes along life's journey - they learned from them.  On your own, research people who didn't just survive but 'overcame' their difficulties in life.  They will inspire and encourage you.

Thomas Edison

Around the age of 12, Thomas Edison lost almost all his hearing. He didn't let his disability discourage him and often treated it as an asset, since it made it easier for him to concentrate on his experiments and research.


Leaves are the most colorful when they are dying, yet even in death they  continue living by feeding the soil.

(Letters on Leaves featured in "The Trees of Etainia.")

Grace Hopper

Grace Hopper (1906-1992) was one of the first programmers to transform large digital computers from oversized calculators into relatively intelligent machines capable of understanding "human" instructions.

 Location of Book Signing at Bed 'n Breakfast

Mary K. Goddard

In 1776 Mary K. Goddard became the first woman publisher in America.  In 1777 she became the first printer to offer copies of the Declaration of Independence that included the signers' names.


"Courage is not  the absence of fear...it's the ability to face fear and move forward."

That could be speaking out  when you are a very shy person.  It could be starting a business, or learning how to drive.  For some it could simply be having the courage to go out the front door.