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As a writer and photographer, and CEO of Jasper Stone Inc., I've photographed and interacted with interesting people of all ages and ethnicities, from various parts of the United States. .

Over the years, through teaching, counseling and public speaking, I have been privileged to gain incredible insights into the lives of many individuals.  They have added to my life and have given me a wealth of information that I incorporate into my books & products.  

In the middle of all that, somewhere along lifes journey, I became interested in drawing trees.  Hm-m-m... Trees - people.  People - trees.  So I imagine, at least in my world, it began to make perfect sense to write about trees that come alive. Actually, it was over ten years ago when the first ideas began to evolve.Then one day - finally - I put it to pen and paper and out was born, "Tiny Seedlings...their journey", a book about a family of five tiny tree seedlings seeking their identity and purpose in life. Of course it didn't stop there, that was only Book One!  From that first book I knew there must be many more pages written for these unique tree seedlings.

So...The Trees of Etainia trilogy was the natural solution.  It would take three books at least to tell their story. My imagination began to flourish. The ideas and plots couldn't be contained in just one book! 

Book II, "Soil" has been published. Now we are focusing on Book III (THE ANCIENTS - 2020). Even though the trilogy will have a conclusion, it certainly won't stop there.  There are so many unique characters in this trilogy that several of them will need to have their own book!

I enjoyed sharing with you and I hope you enjoy exploring the site. There's lots of information and you will also find out how to order copies of Book I and Book II and much more.  I will continue to update this site with articles, how to's and product information.  Enjoy!

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"Inscriptions on Hearts ~ Etching into Time"     

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